Imperatives of our times – part two

Don’t be a stranger. Teleport your friends. Tell your friends about me. Write regularly. Surprise me. Be blown away. Give head. Give advice. Be decent. Cover yourself up. Retouch the cover girl. Don’t stare. Look, don’t touch. Be ashamed of filthy thoughts. Make the most of your time. Monetize indecency. Capitalize Tuesdays. Go out on Fridays. Enjoy the holidays. Write me a card. Get to know the local people. See their culture. Don’t impose your values. Start small. Grow steadily. Expand into new markets. Challenge mediocrity. Hear the angels sing. Sing along. Say hello to everyone I know. Go up to people. Say I’m sorry. Don’t duel. Save fuel. Be creative. Be ashamed of yourself. Look at yourself. Wash your face. Leave your name after the beep. Stand behind the time. Be patient. Wait your turn. Turn heads. Play bingo. Go bonkers. Let her go. Try again – don’t try, just do. Get on with it. Know when to stop. Stick to your original plan. Say when. Take care. Take your medicine. Give it to her. Wait your turn. Separate the trouble twins. Learn to love. Commit to something. Join the club. Pay your way. Give word. Say hi. Get high. Think it through. Avoid calamity construct forms. Keep at it. Get to it. Be through with it. Start over. Together. Oh no. Get back on the train. Cross the border. Check your mail. Check your luggage. Take off your shoes. Tip your head. Go “wow”. Save their souls. See through decapitation. Depict corrections. Transform deceptions. Upload the handout. Prepare your counter. Legalize it. Don’t get into drugs. Accept the world as it is. Don’t get on my nerves. Don’t make me suffer. Be inventive. Take your time. Don’t to the same thing all over again. Try something. Don’t brag. Expect no sympathy. Stop pitying yourself. Go with the flow. Change apartments. Move the bed. Position three. Overflowing honey cups. Order a double. Chase the offer. Unravel the mystery. Translate your misery. Lose friends. Lose aliens. Shake your nightmares. Wake up screaming. Fall asleep smiling. Keep on writing. Have second thoughts. Test your limits. Test a product. Write a review. Be the first to comment. Upload daily, fuck my daisy. Keep me posted. Enough is (never) enough. Take a snapshot. Make a picture. Drive me crazy. Be liberal. Be open-minded. Let a good thing go. Know what you have. Accept praise. Shake loss. Shake well. Press linen. Be special. Do your thing. Dance freely. Nod off. Be late. Tell your boyfriend. Include him in the process. Keep your eyes on the prize. Thank god, worship Satan.
Be a square. Think outside the box. Meander through your head. Sink into loneliness. Take me dancing. Order in. Take out. Stay in. Make out. Come in. Eat out. Have second thoughts. Know your stuff. Listen to the radio. Call in a favour. Visit your grandmother from time to time. Play cards, be nice. Don’t bluff unless you’ve got it. Take a step back. Look at it from a distance. Devil in the details. Be familiar with the specifics. Mitigate your circumstances. Drink appropriately. Don’t be proud. Call out my name. Remember the fallen. Don’t start a war you can’t finish. Embark on a journey.
Escort a beard. Cut your nails. Trust your hairdresser. Go to a specialist. Keep an eye on your balance. The other one on the road. Bang your head. Bang that cute one from the bus. Pretend to be yourself while fondling somebody else. Wake up in time. Be reliable. Be there. Have stones. Be lucky. Row, row, row your boat. Ask kindly. Speak tongues. Break hearts. Exchange your socks. Mind the gab. Love the show. Be inspired. Aspire to greatness. Buy high-quality products. Invest in the basics. Know your enemy. Be wrong, be gone. Get through the darkest valleys. See the light. Don’t give up. Give life a chance. Reduce the distance. Underestimate coincidences. Asphyxiate your strangulator. Simulate an alligator. Don’t wear fur. Fake fake fur. Appreciate the irony. Give credit where it’s due. Know when to shut up. Pressurize your peer stew. Don’t leave your peer group. Grow up without fear. Feel free to do whatever. Vota communista. Be gentle. Be passionate with your loverpartner. Have (some) pure thoughts. Escape when in danger. Ring the bell. Shout out loud. Act appropriately to your age. Follow the flock. Herd your sheep. Derange your feet. Blind your eyes. Set the house on fire. Dare to be free. Skip the fee. Treat your achievements with acknowledgement. Handle with care. Paint your house. Paint it black. Never look back. Don’t regret what you can’t change. Choose carefully. Wash your penis. Floss your teeth. Check your breath. Check. Diversify your everyday encounters. Strangle Mr. Bojangle. Ask Mr. Jones what it is. Go to the movies. Go to the end of the world for you. Go through fire and wind. Be kind, rewind. Nevermind. Blow your nose. Blow your boss. Change the sheets. Airdry your transgressions. Go down to the washing machine. Here, take a quarter. Dress to impress. Transgress the conventional borders. Mix tradition with transpiration. Concoct a mass. Relieve suffering. Come if you must. Come as you are. Shine bright. Shine a light. Talk to your inner goddess. Don’t fall prey to religion. Beware of things you don’t understand. Dig up your dog. Deaden the weight. Lift no finger. Try too hard. Be a fool. Make a puzzle out of yourself.


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