Imperatives of our times

Make art or peace. Mind your step. Be nice to people. Don’t forget about your parents. Expect sex after the third date. Give to charity. Speak calmly and keep your arrogance in check. Be interested and informed. Stay on point. Let go of the past. Be aware of hypocrisy. Don’t confuse honesty with relevance. Read the news. Be nice to people. Support independent production. The little man. Or woman. Have children. Care about the ideas of others. Listen. Don’t judge, think. Have tolerance. Carry an open heart. Be mindful of differences. Don’t drink and drive. Change the world for the better. Politics of little steps. Be sceptical of economical magnitude. See it coming. Warn others. Stay calm. Expect the best. Be prepared for the worst. Hope for everything. Let others be. Let it go. Don’t forget where you came from. All in its due time. Have mercy. Be quick. Live healthily. Don’t forget to hydrate. Don’t discriminate. Kommt Zeit kommt Rat. Stock up. Lock up. Take a leave of absence. Go to more corners than the earth. Keep up the good work. Hang on to your routines. Say aaah. Brush thoroughly. Don’t dismiss it because you don’t understand it. Explore the outskirts of your perception. Meet girl, meet boy. Prepare, destroy. Televize sheer tragedy. Telepathize discrepancy. Don’t plagiarize. Disembark promptly. Show courage. Have faith. Be good. Be sceptical towards platitudes. Respect intellectual property. Share, because sharing is caring. Ask questions. Don’t take it for granted. Think, think, think. Take time to be happy. Listen to your elders. Don’t patronize the youth. Embrace aging. Take care. See a doctor. Watch the news. Listen to Bob Marley. Have fun. Be reasonable. Let loose. Go nuts. Keep a clear mind. Carry a light bulb. Escalate irregularly. Spell it out. Don’t dish out. Clean up after yourself. And your dog. See the bigger picture. Mind inferiority. Ostracize no one. Plan ahead. Break a leg. Eat pasta. Order pizza. Work hard. Don’t complain. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for the weak. Respect the majority. Accept fallibility. Give thanks. Take credit. Pay cash. Don’t overindulge. Change your lifestyle. Be true to you. Have roots. Dye. Keep in touch with your ex(es). Respect women. Listen. Think before you spank. Speak up. Don’t internalize. Get over it. Have sex. Break up sex. Make up. Take time for art. Save Africa. Travel Asia. Build dams in Peru. Escape abduction in between. Carry a newspaper. Stay on it. Don’t chase the rabbit. Take the blue pill. Make your own Christmas presents. Remember birthdays. Make a reservation. Be spontaneous. Change the decoration. Thrive for success. Be satisfied with what you have. See glory in the little things. Walk gracefully. Carry yourself with style. Wear a hat, carry a bag, bury a cat. Don’t die. Hang in here. Pay respects. Pay the bills. Be strong. Go to court. Answer the telephone. Open the door. Let the sunshine in. Go to sleep. Stay in bed. Think, dream, phantasize. Keep your inner child. Push. Widen your horizon. Stay true. Be blue. Have ideas. Share fears. Think outside the box. Walk on. Don’t look. Take everything seriously. Don’t favour your daughter or your son. Invest, digest. Save up. Stimulate the economy. Spin the wheel. Make a choice. Stick with it. Apologize for your faults. Admit defeat. Be humble. Devote yourself to your tasks. Read to your children. Play an instrument. Go to the gym again. Eat stuff. Enjoy food. Don’t panic. Don’t panic! Read the fifth book. Concentrate. Motivate your team. Treat your subordinates with kindness. Delegate. Communicate. Be entertained. Lean back (and relax). Take the high road. Go the path of least resistance. Resist temptation. Be sexy, know your body. Experiment. Crush insecurities. Stay up all night. Get up, stand up. Stand straight. Walk the line. Play a chord. Sing along. Get along. F*** off. Shut up. Empathise. Change positions. Rotate clockwise. Divert the stream. Alternate the shitty duties. Don’t be afraid to laugh. Be silly. Respect yourself. Appreciate diversity. Try hard. Just do. Keep a low profile. Enhance efficiency. Streamline process overhead. Reduce idiocy. Learn from my mistake. Improve on the past. Don’t repeat anything. Get out while you can. Dream big. Follow through. Protect yourself and others. Look around you. See the sun. Know the stars. Don’t believe the hype. Chuckle. Laugh out loud. Speak your mind. Avoid redundance. Go do what you always wanted. Take a trip. Go on a hike. Come back a different man, woman or child. Treat equally what is equal. Follow the law. Open your eyes. Feed the blind. Talk to the homeless. Go into politics. See through the façade. Be ware of the person behind you. Don’t with your mouth full. Of cheese. Ask permission. Be free. Be carefree. Talk about problems. Accept the opinion of your doctor. Change your therapist. Don’t ignore the truth. Trust your instincts. Be moderate. Make a fire. Do what you’re told. Don’t wait till you’re old. Share equally. Follow the markets. Cheat your figures. Leave it to the pros. Have control. Take action. Watch it. Shave your armpits. Wax your chest. Be a man. Don’t wear socks with sandals. Grow weeds. Attend the meeting. Go to church. Vote. Do or die. Register with the local authorities. Join the army. Rejoice. Serve and protect. Live and deflect. Break and enter. Feed the world. Take the first step. Make an effort Get in touch with your uncle. Greet everyone kindly. Have warmth in your heart. Don’t pour your heart out. Have a backbone.


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