Erwartete Zukunft

Wieder einmal bin ich in der erwarteten Zukunft gefangen.
Vetreibende Zeit – sie stiehlt uns die Hoffnung auf was noch kommen mag. Schon ist das Warten vorbei und nichts passiert. Nichts gekommen, nichts bekommen. Weiterhin ist die Zukunft von der eigenen Leistung abhängig.



„I felt great and was good at criticizing others.“
Especially friends; a token of appreciation – caring enough to give tips for improvement, tips disguised as pointless condescension and hurtful insult.
[Improvement by what standards? Mine. My ideal. Falling back to absolutism.]

In direct tones – that may have sharp edges and exposing harshness – it is easier to express what one feels. It should really be seen as appreciation when I insult someone’s things and action; it means I take the time to think about them and their things and voice my opinion directly.